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Welcome to the TRANSCOM Data Access Wiki

Welcome to the TRANSCOM Data Feed. This is a free service that allows various user groups (i.e. the general public, commercial vendors, transportation agencies, researchers, media and others) to access TRANSCOM real-time event and link (travel time) data for use in their applications. The data feed contains 'real-time' event information provided by member agencies of TRANSCOM listed below:

TRANSCOM Member Agencies

Connecticut Department of Transportation

New York City Department of Transportation

Metropolitan Transportation Authority

New York City Police Department

MTA – Bridges and Tunnels

New York State Bridge Authority

MTA – New York City Transit

New York State Department of Transportation

New Jersey Department of Transportation

New York State Police

New Jersey Transit

New York State Thruway Authority

New Jersey State Police

Port Authority Trans-Hudson Corp (PATH)

New Jersey Turnpike Authority

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey


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